About us

AGL mining established in Ankara in 2016 to provide mining consultancy services to Dubai firm, AGL has proven itself in many projects of various sizes after this process.
Despite the pandemic in 2020, AGL did not stop its initiatives and innovations, and entered the African mining market by making a business agreement with Torkuaz Joburg and JDL SA Group in the Republic of South Africa.
The partnership, which continues all its planning in this process, will accelerate its activities in many areas, especially Gold Mining, in the coming years.
Leave us the little touches to make your mining project more valuable. Or to turn it into a business and financial cycle by determining the most logical steps.
Whether you want to evaluate your site or want to see the risks of your investment, AGL will plan all these stages for you.AGL has determined the proven reserves in dozens of mining sites so far and prepared preliminary study reports.
Among these mines, there are many metal, precious metal mines such as Gold, copper, iron, bauxite etc. And coal industry.
AGL made a corporation with Torkuaz Joburg Trading Pty Ltd Company and opened a branch in the Republic of South Africa in 2020 to have a say in the African gold mining leg. AGL has been working at full speed for the development of gold mine fields in Africa over the past year.
We are having strong corporations in Turkey, South Africa and West Africa.

Our Mission & Vision

We are here to make your investment successful with minimal risk.
The important thing is the risk analysis you make on the table before making your investment.