Mining Investment

DETAILS of SCHEMA AGL is working a business model according to the schema.
This schema starts with Pre-Geological works on field and finish with the field rehabilitation operations in the end of mining.
At the beginning of everything, the fields are divided into two parts as Greenfield and Brownfield Projects.
Geological Reports prepared according to JORK and NI-43/101 systems are the critical points in these two distinctions. In the whole process before this report, the project is specified as Greenfield and is the riskiest in terms of investment.
After a Geological Report according to the international standards, the Project become Brownfield and ready to invest easily.
The reason is the proven information in report. In this report you can see the financial diagram for incomes and expenditures for all projects with details. RISK MANAGEMENT As you see in Schema, there are three different risk.

(Now your project is a “BROWNFIELD PROJECT”)
The results in the reports will reveal what kind of mining we will do. It can approximate the costs of this and take steps in finance. However, the gold leach facility is an investment with high initial setup costs. At this stage, support should be obtained from professional companies for the following basic services: Basic Engineering Process design, plant efficiency, metallurgical testing and ultimately plant design, etc. Detail Engineering Water management, Chemical material management, Risk management, HSE Management, etc. Purchasing Management RFQ Preparation, Tendering, Bid Evaluation, Purchase Order preparing, Contract Management, Construction Management Civil, Mechanic, Piping, Electric and Automation works, Commissioning Startup, Training. …or something like this:

Risk Management

As you see in Schema, there are three different risks in all this steps; Exploration, Technical and Financial risks.

Exploration Risk

When you start a new project, you must first prove the existence of gold. The next step is to report the size and other details of this asset according to internationally accepted standards. All the capital you spent in this process involves highest risks.

Technical Risk

Technical risks include potential margins of error in Geological Exploration and potential risks that may occur during the mining and facility stages. However, all these problems should be resolved in the final report. A Brownfield project means a project in which all these risks have been eliminated.

Financial Risk

Financial Risk starts from first Geological Explorations. This risk includes all costs until all reporting is completed and ready to set up the facility. In all these processes, there will be no financial return from the project. As you can see from these determinations; The main thing is where you want to start the project. There is a definition for this risk; “Venture Capital”.